Tips for Good Photography of a House for Sale

As they say, “First impression is the last impression”. When selling your home, yourself the prospective buyers create an impression about the property through the photographs that are uploaded. The importance of good quality photographs cannot be stressed enough. It has been observed that property seekers will not even look at properties that are listed without pictures.

You could consider hiring a professional photographer or you could do it yourself. In order to capture attractive pictures of your home, here are a few suggestions:

1. Clean your home

A clean home enables capturing photos that are bright and clear. Therefore, they have a better appeal.

2. Home Staging

A staged home yields more appealing photographs.

3. Take photos in natural light

It is a good idea to open curtains, etc, to allow natural light into the house while taking photographs. This is because relying on camera’s inbuilt flash creates shadows. Pictures taken on rainy days or at night are gloomy and lack-lustre. Pictures of the exterior should be taken preferably on overcast days so that the sun does not cast shadows.

4. Take photographs such that the home looks spacious

• Pictures shot below shoulder level create distance between floor and ceiling giving an illusion of space.

• Photos captured by standing close to the walls also give an impression of a spacious room.

5. Photographs should not mislead the buyers

Pictures taken with wide-angle lenses make a room look larger than it actually is. Buyers will be put off when they visit the premises and find that it is not so.

6. Photographs must be taken from best angles and compositions

• Pictures should be taken from a corner or doorway as this makes the room look spacious.

• It is better to take pictures of the exterior of the home from an angle as this gives depth to the home.

• You should avoid capturing poles, wires, etc.

7. Use a good quality camera

Images should be sharp. You should ensure that the pictures are not blurred. Tripods are generally best for this purpose.

8. Take a number of photographs

If you have a number of photographs, you have the option to select the best ones and upload them.

9. Edit the photographs

Once you have selected the photographs, you will find some areas are dark or there may be obscure items in them. You can edit them so as to improve their quality.

10. Select a website that is easy to find in search engines

Photos should be uploaded on a site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should preferably have a high-ranking on search engines. Photographs should be coupled with catchy descriptions.

In order to attract prospects towards your property, good quality photographs go a long way. Photos can make or break a deal. Therefore, before listing your home, dedicate some time in capturing it attractively on the camera.