Basic Guide To Selling Your Home Yourself

Sale of a house directly by the owner is becoming a popular trend these days. The internet has enabled owners to effectively market their property and reach out to customers breaking geographical barriers.

You can easily sell your house yourself by following these steps.

Step1: Check the condition of your house:

When you want to sell your house, one of the first steps is to see that it is in a perfect condition. All electrical and plumbing fittings should be in working condition. There should be no leakages or any other kind of damage. If any exist, it is better to take care of them at the initial stage. You could even consider getting it pre-inspected. You can get it painted if required. Finally, the house should have a neat and clean appearance both externally and internally.

Step 2: Photograph your house:

Once you have ensured that your house is in a condition ready for sale, you can take pictures from vantage points. This will help in marketing the house.

Step 3: Set a realistic price of your house:

While selling your house on your own, this is one of the toughest stages. You can research the price by finding prices of similar properties in the locality. You can also use the internet to find prices of similar houses. You can also take the help of professionals for this.

Step 4: List your house on a website:

Listing the house enables you to reach out to a large number of buyers. You can also think of multiple listing which will further widen your scope.

Step 5: Advertise:

You can put the board of ‘For Sale’ in your yard. You can prepare brochures with pictures and spread them. The most effective method will be to advertise on the internet. You can describe the property highlighting any special features. You can upload pictures on the site.

Step 6: Connect with buyers:

Once your house appears on property listing websites, buyers will directly contact you.

Step 7: Inspection of property by the buyers:

The buyer will like to have a look and feel of the property before buying it. Some may even bring an inspector to scrutinize it.

Step 8: Negotiation:

Negotiate the price and finalize the deal.

Step 9: Sign the legal papers:

Once the deal is finalized, you can bring your attorney to draw out the legal contract. Then you can sign the papers along with the buyer and close the deal.

Hence, we see that selling a house on your own is not a very difficult task. By following these basic steps you can do it easily. The only drawback is that it requires your dedicated time and effort. But think of the enormous amount you will save, which you would have paid as commission to the agent.

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